Wyomissing ATA Martial Arts

At Wyomissing ATA Martial Arts, the fun doesn't stop at the end of the mat!

Our Just 4 Kids programs are packed
with awesome activities that are both educational and engaging ... kids love them!

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Wyomissing ATA Martial Arts

Fun programs Just 4 Kids, with the same great benefits and values taught in our regular martial arts classes!

Martial arts classes foster respect in all senses of the word. Your children will learn not only to respect others, but to respect themselves as well. Self-confidence is key in carrying respect into the home, school, and other social situations. Simply put, martial arts is about a lot more than learning how to punch and kick. It's about learning hard work, discipline, and perseverance. The lessons about respect your child learns through martial arts will mold them into a better person overall. Just 4 Kids incorporates martial arts with other fun games and activities, for a unique blend of activities that's both educational and engaging.


We promote a positive social environment at Wyomissing ATA Martial Arts that is inclusive and encouraging. Kids will have a chance to make memories with their existing friends, and make new friends too. All activities are fully organized and supervised, so you can be assured that your child's safety is a top priority while they're having fun with their peers.


"Wyomissing ATA Martial Arts has made a difference in my son's life! My son James joined the Wyomissing ATA family for over 2 years ago, after dabbling in soccer, tee ball, swimming and bowling. From the first lesson, my son loved taekwondo! The instructors have been friendly, kind, and have a genuine interest in our children. The training facility is always clean and welcoming. Not only does taekwondo teach self-defense, but the kids also learn lessons in respect, goal setting, discipline and dedication to not only taekwondo, but also school and family. Through the special programs at Wyomissing ATA, my son has also learned how to be a leader and help others to achieve success. My youngest daughter Kyra has seen how much fun and enjoyment that her brother has through ATA, she has also began to train! "


Summer Camp

Not just kicks and punches! Summer camp at Wyomissing ATA Martial Arts works hand in hand with your efforts as a parent, providing the life skills necessary for your child to be the best they can be! Kids love to learn the physical skills of martial arts, and parents love the positive impact that our life skills program has on their children's attitude and self-esteem. Each day is full of safe and fun activities designed to challenge and educate your child. They'll participate in martial sessions, arts and crafts, and more!

Give your child an exciting summer with a purpose by enrolling in our awesome summer programs!

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5-12 Yrs

No martial arts experience needed!

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